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Hello. I would like to keep track of my time per project. I have a date field that has a start and end time. I can get the total minutes using:

format(dateBetween(end(prop("Clock-In Clock-out")), start(prop("Clock-In Clock-out")), "hours")) + "hr " + format(dateBetween(end(prop("Clock-In Clock-out")), start(prop("Clock-In Clock-out")), "minutes") % 60) + "min"

However, this gives me x minutes in the column that can not be added as a summary. How can I convert the value to a numeric value (minutes is OK, Hours and Minutes will be better).

Thank you...


1 Answer


avidnotionuser Points1430

Create another property formula and use function ToNumber(prop()) to convert to a numeric value. The in ( ) is the name of the property you used to calculate the minutes.

However, I would recommend watching this YouTube video to solve this problem: Notion Task Management: Calculate How Much Time To Spend On A Task

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