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Is it possible to add color to tables in Notion?

I want to add color to some cells like in Excel, is it possible?

3 Answers


polle Points79460

It is not possible, but you can add a whole table inside a colored toggle list. It is not exactly what you asked, but it is a solution for now.

Hope it helps.


nosy commented

Thank you for the info.


qt_aus Points290

Not the thing you asked for exactly - but, the other thing you can do is colour the content in the table fields by adding inline equations - examples


you can even combine them, eg -



Saritanotion Points1020

Create a Toggle List block using the + icon or typing / and choosing Toggle List.

  1. Insert Notion Toggle
  2. Apply your desired text and/or background color(s) to that Toggle List:
    • On desktops, click the dotted icon next to the block, or type / to reveal options, then search for or scroll to your color(s).
    • On mobile, select your color(s) from the Color option within the toolbar.
  3. If you’ve yet to do so, place your database within the same page as your newly colored Toggle List, either by creating a new database or moving or linking to an existing one.
  4. Drag the database into the Toggle item.

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