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How to change the font in Notion?

I don’t mean the three styles provided by Notion fonts. I found there are templates with very beautiful artistic fonts for Notion, how do they do that?

2 Answers


polle Points79040

You can’t use other fonts in Notion except the official three styles, but you can use any online font generator, then copy and paste the texts into Notion.

Something like this. Hope it helps.


nosy commented

This works, thank you.


esmecrutchley Points630

This can be done using inline math, but it's a bit beyond me!
I just go to Canva and grab a font I like, type what I want it to say and just that instead! You can do a similar thing in Google Drawings as well (with the added bonus that you can't have a transparent background on Canva unless you're a Pro User, but you can on Google Drawings)
Danny Hatcher has done a few YT videos on inline math and so has A Nerdy Notioneer if you wanted to go down that route


nosy commented

Thank you, I will try it!

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