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How to run buttons in the notion website?

Hey guys, I'm creating an EPortfolio as a notion website. I created buttons but for some reason they don't work. It says "you don't have permission to run this button". Why? I'm the owner.
I need to allow everyone who has the link to use these buttons. How do I do it?

1 Answer


Hi, buttons work only in editing mode and when you share to web it is in the View mode only. When you set it to "Allow editing" it will not allow you to edit on the web page itself but you will be able to press the "Edit" button on top of the page that will bring you to Notion and if logged in you can edit the page thus the button will work.


korratheblackcat commented

It means these buttons won't work for random people when website is public? I need to share this website with professors


Martin_SystemsHill commented

No, not directly from the website. That is only for viewing. Clicking a button is considered to be editing the page.
It would work only if you allowed the editing and they would create a the Notion account. This would allow them to open it in the editing mode in Notion and click the button.


Martin_SystemsHill commented

It would be great to have this functionality for polling and such so I will submit it to Notion as a feature request.

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