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How do I switch what's in my formula? (Text & Numbers type)


So basically I have a main database for Events. I am copying and pasting the Event link over to another page where I then want to isolate the information into their own placements by year.

I added another table and started with a Billion Years Ago and I only have one piece of data regarding it so that filtered out easily.

The problem is when I go and try to do the next table which would be Million Years Ago. I'm able to filter it to show only the years related to million years (which is only six rows), but when I try to put it in ascending order (meaning I want 600 Million Years Ago at the top and the rest trickle down) it's not doing that. The number order is just random.

What the table looks like

The formula that I am using is this:
concat(prop("Era") + " " + format(prop("Date")))

So in the columns I have nothing in the date/it's blank and only been working in the text/Era. I could be wrong, but I think the ascending order is only reading the text which is why it's not putting the numbers in order.

If I'm doing something wrong, please show me how I can fix what I have OR is there a way that I could reverse my formula (as I couldn't figure it out by myself). So reverse would be for it to take the number that I have under "Date" aka 600 and put it together with the text "Era" aka Million Years Ago so that under the formula column it would create 600 Million Years Ago. I'm hoping with this I could use either the formula or date to filter ascending order correctly.

2 Answers


Darkerangel Points200

I'm not sure how, but I did manage to get it to work the way that I needed it to work with the following formula change:

concat(format(prop("Date")), prop("Era"))

It came out to be what I had originally thought. By flipping it to where the date is now first, the sorting picks up on the number within the date this time vs where it seemed that it was picking up only the text and ignoring the number within that text.


polle Points82410

The problem is not in the formula or filters, it is in the sorting.

Sort by Era Ascending or Descending and it should work correctly.


Darkerangel commented

Thanks for the suggestion polle. It's been a minute and I could be wrong, but I believe I did try that and what happened was that the numbers flipped around, but they were still out of order.

So for example, it would just be 70 MYA, then 65 MYA, and then 600 MYA. Thus the 600 MYA still wasn't at the top.

Keep in mind that with the way that I had it, nothing was in the date column and only the text (Era) column had both numbers and words within it only.

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