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dragging and autosorting

I made a course as a database with each page as a chapter. the problem is that you have to add number column to have it in the right order. Unfortunately if you want to drag and move chapters - it is a nightmare to make them easily sorted by just dragging to the right place between other chapters - the sorting will not let you do that.

So what can be the right workflow in this case? I think it would be much easier if that sorting 123456 was automatic and updated when you drag items in that table.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

You have two options to sort like that in Notion.

1- Add a number and update the number each time you need changes.

2- Manual order, which makes more sense for your needs, just drag and done.


vientoblanko commented

Both options are not options.
1 - I did that already and discovered that it sucks because you haму to renumber all item every single time you dragging and moving around items.

Funny story if you add subpages to page and dragging them - they are easily been dragged to the position order you want. Why not do the same for tables or lists?!!

2 - manual order again this is the same as the first option basically. it doesn't make sense!


polle commented

Sorry it does not help, but those are actually the available options.

I understand you would like Notion to work in a different way, unfortunately it does not and there is no mixed manual and automatic sort.

If you want to order manually, then it has to be manually. If you want to order by number, date, tag or any other property, then it has to be like that.

So in this case yes, both are the only options you have in Notion as today.


vientoblanko commented

as I said these are not options at all. you said what I had already done before asking here and discovered that it doesn't help as I ask.


polle commented

As I said in your other question, I believe the problem here is what you want Notion to do and not what Notion is actually capable of. What are the real options you have.

I am not sure how do you consider something an option, but here is an example.

U: I have a remote control for my TV and I want to record video and stream it to my TV and to my computer with it.

M: Sorry, the only option for this remote control is to turn on your TV, change channels and control the volume.

U: No, no, no, that is not an option, I need to record video and stream it.

Sorry the real options are not an option for you, but believe me, those are the available options in Notion, even if those are not the ones you want, which is a completely different thing.

So yes, this are the options you have. (Not the ones you want)

If you want to send feedback with your ideas, you can do so by clicking the question mark in Notion (bottom right), select contact support and select send feedback.

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