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I asked Notion Support but they couldn't answer and forward me here. So I will do it again

1- I asked for a simple thing how does the notion sorting works in terms of database and lists when you want to drag and rearrange items in database list. Right now I can’t do that easily as I had to add another column with numbers so that it would be sorted not by status but by the number. Kanban view doesn’t help me there as it sorted by his own philosophy.

2- I asked how to easily copy to the memory or copy paste table of contents. It is so natural to point it and Cmd+С.

3- I asked is there a way to have storyboard in notion for presentation. Miro and other services suck. Notion has already had done the major portion of this as a thumbnail mode. The problem is that you should add images to have it. But in my case it would be cool to have it as sketches with easy to add text over the notes that you can see as stick notes. Or I would also happy to have small notes with texts that I can arrange as storyboard.

1 Answer


polle Points79460

1- You already asked about ordering. Please mark that question as solved.

2- Copy > Paste is the only option, unless you are trying to accomplish something different.

3- It is not possible to achieve this in Notion, it is not for drawing. The only similar thing for this is creating it using blocks, but nothing with layers as you mentioned. Maybe looking for an external tool to then embed is a solution for this.

  • Please avoid opening multiple questions in one. Open as many as you need, but separate ones, so each one of them can be solved.

Also please consider selecting this answer to mark the question as solved.


vientoblanko commented

1- unfortunately it is far from been solved.

2- thanks but it doesn't work. that's why I asked for it.

3- as I said. I would be happy to have text on them at least.

I started this question because I was asked to do so by notion and I couldn't find the first question I started at first.


polle commented

I believe the problem here is what you want Notion to do and not what Notion is actually capable of.

1- You want manual and auto sorting mixed at the same time.
2- You want to copy (not sure how).
3- You want layers to have text over images.

None of them exist in Notion, sorry.

So my answer is to let you know it is not possible, I understand you want that, but it is not possible and that is why it is the solution, because you simply can't do that unless you look for external tools.

I hope this clarifies more the information.


vientoblanko commented

1 - I want a very simple thing that partially is already done in Notion.

I have done a paper/course/thesis etc as a database with each section or chapter as a single page to edit. Sometimes you want to rearrange the order of these pages / notes. Because it is a well-known process of note-taking and writing.

It is already done by Notion in a case when you add new subpages to a page where you can see a list of hyperlinks to subpages that you can easily dragging and moving to the place in the list you want. Unfortunately it is not user-friendly in table database view. Kanban view that can be a life saver also can't order them in the order you want. it can just help you drag from one column to another but this is not my case.

Making numbers in a different column for each iteam and re-ordering every single time you move - is a disaster!

Here i am asking for a thing that should be number one in any note-taking system!

2 - this is a completely different issue. When you create table of content of a long read note or page , you can see at as a list of hyperlinks or anchor links of that page subtitles and subtitles. So all I want is to copy that table of contents to show people what is my page is all about in an email or word or wherever. The obviuos and natural thing is to select all items in table of contents and press cmd+с to copy that to the memory and cmd+v in an email! Unfortunately notion doensn't allow you to copy table of contents!

3 - I want storyboard feature in notion where I can create a rough text in a thumbnail as a slider. It is important to make storyboard of your presentation. Why not making it right in the notion?!! It is again so obvious. I tried Miro approach - i don't like it at all. it is too buggy and slow and this zoom in thing is awefull. You spend more time figuring out how to make it instead of making it.

The ideal workflow would be - your presentation or story contents on the left and storyboard on the right where you can add thumnails as slide outlines and there you can add notes what this slide will be.


polle commented

I am not sure how to continue this.

I just want my car to fly, but my car is not capable of doing that. It does not matter how much I want that, it simply can't.

I understand what you want.
Please understand is not possible.

You can look for external tools to see if there is something you can integrate, because it is not possible with Notion.

See Notion integrations.

And as I told you in your other question: If you want to send feedback with your ideas, you can do so by clicking the question mark in Notion (bottom right), select contact support and select send feedback.


vientoblanko commented

1 - autonumbering or autosorting is not possible? are you kidding. I told that it is already done for subpages!! all you have to do is to have it the same in a table!

2 - Copy paste of table of contents as text - is impossible?!

3 - storyboarding feature is 70 percent already done. All I am asking is a small tweak to make notion a note-taking app used for storytelling notes!

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