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Dragging and dropping into a calendar

I am trying to drag and drop tasks (in this case workout routines) into my calendar from other databases. This only works if I drag and drop the original block but if I duplicate (alt + drag and drop) it into the calendar the date changes.
Any ideas what is this bug and how to fix it?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Try dateless tasks, because you are moving them with an already date assigned.

If you create a list of tasks with no dates, then you will be able to move them as needed.


Daniel commented

Calendar database

Workout routines databse

Try to duplicate (alt+) drag and drop routines to the calendar.
Thanks for the trying to help!


polle commented

It works fine, follow this steps.

1- You have 2 separate pages. (workouts and calendar)
2- In the Workouts page, create a linked view from the calendar, so it appears on top of the workouts.
3- Drag a workout to the calendar.


Not sure why is not working in your setup, but just try following those steps and share the results.


Daniel commented

Are you dragging and dropping with alt? (to duplicate drag and drop)
I tried it and was the same...


polle commented

No, I am using the templates.

1- Drag them as needed (no alt).
2- Workouts templates > New. That generates the new set of workouts based on the template.
3- Drag them as needed.
4- Generate new set of workouts with the templates.
5- Repeat.

I believe then that the problem is in creating new items on the fly while dragging using alt, instead of using the existing ones being dragged to a specific date.

Unless there is a reason for this to happen it may be a bug and I will share it with the Notion team.


I do consider that the correct way to do this is as mentioned above, having a template ready to just click it when needed and drag things to the calendar. That is exactly the purpose of templates, that you can generate things on the fly and as many as you need, it is also possible to have them as recurrent, so you see them everyday or week or month ready for you without even having to click the new button.


Daniel commented

I know what templates are and use them when it makes sense. I thought about the solution you are proposing but it just didn't made sense. I know this could work but this extra step of making a new set every time and then using it doesn't sync with a workflow.
I do think that the way I am trying to do it should work and if this is a bug every user could face, maybe it's something to look into.


polle commented

I agree it should work and maybe is a bug that will be fixed.

You can just setup templates and use the recurring option. That will generate them automatically without having to do anything.

You will just move them without using alt everyday and the next day or whatever setting you set, you will have the items ready for you.


Daniel commented

Also thought about using the recurring option.
Is there a way to set a limit for the template to not generate beyond?
For example, if there are 2 already exist so the template will not be generated (so they won't pile up as time goes if I go out of schedule).


polle commented

No, the schedule has to be met always. For example, create a new item called "Walk 15 minutes" every Wednesday at 18:00 hrs.

That will be created every single week, it does not matter that you have 1 or 20 previous ones, that is exactly what it is intended for, to be recurring and to make you take action on the item, not leave it there.

Usually this is because you will move to a date in your calendar (or to any other Notion database) the item as soon as it appears.

You will need to think another structure for your system that fits better your needs or have a look at Make or Zapier to create your own automation.


Daniel commented

Ok thank you for the effort.


polle commented

Glad to help. :)

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