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I have a blog database that has an attribute called tags. It is a multi-select field where I can apply one or multiple tags to each blogpost.
I would like users to be able to filter the database when vieweing on the web so I created a filter for the tags attribute, so the user can select a tag to filter on, and it works.
However, I would like a user to be able to search for multiple tags, where only results containing all tags will be displayed.
When on my own notion account, I can achieve this by creating an advanced filter.
But for some weird reason, I cannot create an advanced filter when acting as a web-share user. Even if I create the advanced filter while signed in, when I go to the URL that advanced filter disappears.
Anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this functionaltiy?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Share to web is for view only, not to edit and use Notion filters the way you do it in your account.

You need to invite Notion users directly to the page so they can modify filters.


anonemousse666 commented

Thanks for your time.

It's super funny though because regular filters do work for share to web users. User can even create their own filters on the web.

Its only the advanced filters that don't seem to work.

while you can filter for multiple criteria using regular filters, they will have an OR relationship i.e anything contaning any one of the filters will be included.

I need a way to filter multiple criteria where only entries with ALL criteria show up.

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