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Hi all, notion newbie here.

I want to have a simplified second-brain database. so my whole notebook contains three database

[information database] linked to [tags database](not tag column), and a [projects database]

My workflow is:
a piece of information is recorded on a page in [information database]
I assign tags from [tags database] to this page
when a project comes up. I create a project page in [projects database]
I insert an inline database of [information database] into the project page, filter by relevant tags
obtain a list of information that is relevant to my project.
I then go through the filtered pages one by one and record all important keynotes.

I would like a way to generate a checkbox column next to these filtered info pages. and check them off as "complete" as I review each page.

I am thinking to make [information database] generate a new checkmark column somehow whenever I inline the database to a new project, and only this new chcekmark column will be visible when others stay hidden.

Can I do this? if not what is your suggestion? appreciate your time and pointers

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You are correct and where the information database is displayed you need to add a filter where checkbox is not checked, that is it.

It will show only unchecked items and you can also add another view to only see the checked ones.


CoolBeanDave commented

Thank you for the reply, but is there a way to have this done automatically whenever I created a new inline database?


polle commented

It is not possible to create a new inline database with the properties you decide.

The only way to do it and the correct one, is to use a single and shared information database, then you should use a view of the information database and not a completely new one each time.

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