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I have Database A, which tracks Action Items or scheduled meetings, etc. Basically a to-do list with a "do date" date field and, among other things, a property for priority, and one of those priorities is "scheduled." Something like this:

ActionItem Priority Do Date
AI 1 High 5/9/2022
AI 2 Scheduled 5/9/2022
AI 3 Scheduled 5/9/2022
AI 4 Low 5/10/2022

I also have Database B, which includes details about each date that are relevant to planning my day, like will it be WFH or WFO, did I sleep well or not, blah blah blah...

Like this:

Date Type of Day Sleep
5/9/2022 WFH Good
5/10/2022 WFO Bad
5/11/2022 WFO Bad

I would like to add a column in Database B that relates to Database A, specifically whether an Action Item has "Scheduled" in PRIORITY, but only if it matches the Date field in Database B for that row. Basically, a new column that is "Scheduled Action Item(s) for This Day."

Date Type of Day Sleep Scheduled Action Item(s)
5/8/2022 WFH Good NULL
5/9/2022 WFO Bad Action Item 2, Action Item 3
5/10/2022 WFO Bad NULL

At the moment, when I relate the two databases, ALL of the Action Items show up in the Relations column and there are a LOT across ALL of the days. So I can't easily find the scheduled ones. I've also created a formula field to check a box if the Action Item is scheduled, and then an in-database relationship to return a new property column with the text in the Action Item property if it's a scheduled Action Item. But I'm not really sure how that helps me find a solution to my original problem...

I'm also thinking it might be ideal if the new column, Scheduled Action Item(s) for This Day, in Database B, could autofill from Database A when the Action Item is marked as Scheduled???

Help much appreciated!! Thank you!

1 Answer


mannieg Points230

A rollup could help:

  1. create a rollup field
    select the latest, max or minimum date..

Then, include the rollup field in your filter, you should be able to display only the records that meet the filtered criteria..

hope this helps

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