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In the notion windows client, when opening a row in a table, there are three options to view the page full page, center peek and side peek. In this view, no matter which you select, when you open the item, if the property name is longer then 17(?) characters, you get an ellipses ... and have to hover over it to see the full property name.

Is it possible to move the divider (between the property lable and the value), or somehow to create more space between the property name and the property value itself?

1 Answer


polle Points79460

There is no way to modify Notion layout.

What it is not clear is that if you click an item in the table, you see the complete name in the opened peek, no matter how many characters you are using. So there is no need to see it in the table, because you have the peek open with the complete title.


schergr commented

As much as I appreciate your answer, its actually not the case. I don't think you understood my question.

When I click on an item in the table, and it opens a peek, it does NOT show the full field name. Thats exactly the problem I'm talking about


polle commented

Please share an image showing the problem to understand what you are referring to.

Name: The default column in a database.
Click open: Side peek opens at the right.

The Name can have over 200 characters and those show up just fine without ellipses, so I am pretty sure you are referring to something else.

If that indeed is the case, I suggest you to update your Notion App to the latest version and do a reset for it.

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