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Make new Notion property column visible in multiple views

I have a Notion database with over a 1000 records and I have those divided in 21 views. Each view shows the information I need and everything is correct.

The problem now, is that I have to add a new property (column) and I was wondering if there is a way to make that new column visible in the 21 Notion views at once, instead of having to go one by one to make it visible, arrange it, etc...

Is that posible?

1 Answer


Saritanotion Points1020

I’m wondering if you have one table that you have duplicated the view of 21 times or if you copied the table link and duplicated it in other areas? Either way in scenario one add the column on a view with no filters or edits. In the 2nd enter the column in the original database you created. It should update in the other views. Hope this helps!!!


nosy commented

I created a table and in place added 20 views. So I have 1 single page with 1 single block with the database and 21 views in place. No linked views in other pages.

What you suggest is not related to my question, I need to create a new property and have it visible in the 21 views as the question says.


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