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Search for data generated by a Notion formula

Does anyone know if it is possible to enable search (Ctrl+F / Cmd + F) for data generated by a formula?

I would like to fetch strings or codes generated in a formula field. Both for numerical formulas and for formulas that generate texts.

1 Answer



Based on the official information, as of the current Notion version, there are some limitations to the type of content that can be searched with Quick Find in Notion.

Unfortunately, it appears that the results of formulas, which are computed values rather than static text, are not included in the search results. This means that you cannot directly search for data generated by a formula using the search function (Ctrl+F / Cmd + F) in Notion.

As a workaround, you might have to setup an API automation e.g. in MAKE to copy the results of the formula into a separate text field/block, which can then be searched. However, this would need to be updated each time the formula result changed. It is little bit cumbersome but the only workaround I am aware of.

Please note that this information is based on the latest available information I was able to get today and may have changed if Notion has released updates after this.


andrechagas commented

Hi @Martin_SystemsHill. It's a good idea to copy via API, a good solution. Natively, it would certainly be better for speed and reliability, in addition to not having to generate an extra field in the table. I will look for a solution as you indicated. Many thanks for the reply. If I create something, I'll make it available here. Thank you very much.


Martin_SystemsHill commented


please let me know if you found anything. I would be really interested to see a workaround for this. Thanks.


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