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My team is looking to be able to reference tasks with a unique identifier (other than the name which isn't guaranteed to be unique). The Notion database id returned with id() isn't very user friendly. I'm looking for a formula or alternative method to auto-generate a more user-friendly but unique identifier for each task.

1 Answer


hypnotionlabs Points520

Ok, you can try this:

slice(replaceAll(format(id()), "[0-9]*", ""), 0, 4) + "." + slice(replaceAll(format(id()), "[0-9]*", ""), 4, 8)

It won't be always unique, but might be enough for your case.

You can check if its ok for your database comparing "count unique values" for this formula column with "count all" for any other.

If not, try to use combination with name, smth like:

prop("Name")+"."+slice(replaceAll(format(id()), "[0-9]*", ""), 0, 4)

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