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Notion tags - is there a way to have "only contain" tags?

Hi I was wondering how to make the tags more specific when you search for something in a list database?
For ex: I'm making a plant identification tool for work. So for the tags I have "grey bark, red bark, green leaves, red leaves". If I click the tag grey bark, of course all trees with grey bark will pop up. However, if I put the tags "grey bark" and "green leaves", instead of getting only grey bark and green leaf trees, everything that pops up are "grey bark-green leaf, red bark-green leaf" trees, because the tags only filter out trees without either.
But I want the tags to be able to only contain grey bark and green leaves, not any tree with grey bark and any tree with green leaves. I know that you can filter out the database to "only contains" but that is more for the display than helping my coworkers search for somethingl
I hope that makes sense!


Martin_SystemsHill commented


could you please share a screenshot or a link to your exact setup if your question still stands? There is little bit left for interpretation that would significantly change the way of the potential solution.


1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points860

Sorry... What you want to do via Search is not possible. Notion doesn't have granular search capabilities like what you want.

It makes sense you don't want the search to return "red bark'ed" trees based on your stated search criteria.

You could use Views to display entries that meet specific criteria but that would get cumbersome if you have a lot of different criteria/color combos/etc.

I just realized this question is 6 months old so perhaps you've found a solution?

And like @Martin_SystemsHill mentioned, there might be a solution if we went at it from a different direction. Oftentimes I, as a programmer, find a solution to a client's problem when I find they are asking the wrong question for the right outcome.

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