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So that the Notion word count will always show on the page as one of the properties, without the need to check with the dots in the top right corner
Does any formula have this effect?

2 Answers


polle Points27320

It is not possible.

Notion formulas work inside a table and word count work by page, so it is not possible to use a formula to count characters outside the table.

Hopefully that makes sense.


ZhouQuwu commented

Makes sense to me! Thanks a lot:)


polle commented

You're welcome. If this solves the question, please select the answer to mark it as solved.



KreaCity Points180

The formula to make it work in a database is possible with Properties but not text on the page.
length(prop("thePropYouWant") will give you a letter count for a Property. But if you want to count words, you can count the spaces. For example :

if(length(prop("Name")) > 0, length(replaceAll(prop("Name"), "[^ ]", "")) + 1, 0)

which uses every occurence of space


ZhouQuwu commented

Brilliant solution but I write in Chinese so... Still many thanks!!


KreaCity commented

Isn’t there a space or something like that ? I don’t know about regular expressions in Chinese but I suppose something exists


ZhouQuwu commented

No hahaha. One character follows closely after another, so does the punctuation. But this formula will definitely help a lot once I start to write in English so thank you a lot!

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