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This morning I haven't been able to do several things, working in my desktop app: create a new project with my project template (template content doesn't load, just spins); create a new task with my task template (ditto); duplicate a template from Thomas Frank's site (my Notion opens in the browser, but duplication process just spins). Scary! Have I done something to break my Notion? Do I need to uninstall and start over?


higgledy commented

I am having the same issue when duplicating a free template into my notion, which I am running on the web.

Are free accounts limited to how many templates can be duplicated?


mevian commented

Thanks for sharing, makes it a little less scary to know it isn't just me!

1 Answer


mevian Points310

Here's the answer:

And my new project finally loaded with its template contents, so perhaps the problem has been solved.

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