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How do i trigger multi-select tags to create a template?


I want to use multi-select tags as a means to create a topic for my areas section if it has not yet been created already. I think that makes things easier to record any of my notes and bookmarks, and it should help relate other sections easier for me.

How do I go about with doing this with Notion?



polle commented

Please define "trigger" and explain what should happen when you click the template button in your Notion database.


headsniper commented

Hi! So my quick notes database will need to have tags filled in. The moment I put a tag on any of my notes, the tagged note should go to a database based on that tag, and if there is no database with that tag, it should automatically create that database based on a template.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

If you have a tags database, then you can't use and select natural Notion tags, you need to relate the tags database with your notes database to then select from that relation a tag. This way it will work as you need.

Keep in mind it does not go to the tag database when you select one, it is only a reference and a relation between the 2 databases, so the item exists in both. After this you can create views and filters to present the information as needed, for example by tag.

Another thing is that there is only 1 tags database, so if you create a new note and the tag does not exist, you just create it on the fly and it will be added to the tags database.

I suggest that you have a look at some Notion relations tutorials to understand better how this works. Once you click with this, it changes completely the way you will use Notion and you will like it even more.

Hope that helps.


headsniper commented

This works great! I'm a first-time user and getting the right idea has been difficult with the search. I watched a video on tags databases, and this is a perfect way to create an areas section! Now for template automation, I'll definitely be getting that going. Thank you!


polle commented

Glad to help!

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