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How can I assign a Value to a property with formula

I would like to assign the property "Urgency" to the value "1","2","3","4"
by clicking on a corresponding Checkbox property "U1","U2", "U3","U4",
e.g, a formula property should assign the value "1" to "Urgency" when I check "U1"
Does Formula supports assignement to properties like this?:
Actually here, rather a radio button should be taken, because only one single Urgency may be checked.

if(prop("U1") == true, prop("Urgency")="1",
if(prop("U2") == true, prop("Urgency")="2",
if(prop("U3") == true, prop("Urgency")="3",
if(prop("U4") == true, prop("Urgency")="4",))))

1 Answer


lucasmassuh Points160

You may want to have an Urgency property of type "select" with different urgency values (e.g. Critical, High, Mid, Low) and then have a Formula for the Urgency Score that looks like this

if(prop("Urgency") == "Critical", 4, if(prop("Urgency") == "High", 3, if(prop("Urgency") == "Mid", 2, 1)))

Check this link for a sample implementation

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