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is it a better idea to run the notion or service of notion which is very lightweight and used only for running in the background and showing the notifications?

users never miss any notifications from notion if the PC is on.
users don't need to run notion all the time to get notifications.
users don't need to check their email if the PC is on.

1 Answer


polle Points82410

No idea of what other application you are talking about, as there is no Notion notifications only app. You need Notion opened in your PC and be connected to the internet to work.


Vasigaran commented

I'm about to ask this as a feature request to notion developers (idk if possible). I'm looking for others' opinions.


polle commented

Use the question mark in Notion (bottom right) and select contact support > send feedback to share your feature requests with the Notion team.

For what you are asking, it is not possible.


Vasigaran commented

Figma application does this. It runs a process even I close the Figma to show notifications and easy access from System Tray.


polle commented

Yeah, there are apps that have application helpers that run independently and do other things than the app itself.

I am not saying it is something impossible that no one has achieved, for sure there is, I am letting you know that Notion does not have that option, it is not possible and your only option is to find some third party application code, hack, extension or something "not official" that may do that, that may stop working any time, that may degrade performance and so on.

I hope that as an answer to your question this explains that Notion itself does not have that.

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