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Format image to fit cell in table

I have created a table and one of the columns is "visual", where I've uploaded an image within the relevant cells.
At the moment there is just a small thumbnail of each image within the cells that I can click on to open a larger view of it (in what looks to be a lightbox).

I would like the images to fit the size of the cells though. Is there a way to do this, or else is there an alternative property type I can add that allows this? This seems to be the only image related property from the options (it's called Files and media).

Thank you

1 Answer


Hi, there is currently no way to do it in the Table view. Gallery or Board views are more suitable for this. You can have an uploaded image show at the top and other properties below it in these views. That is currently the only way Notion supports "large" images in databases.

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