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Add color to cell in a database table


I have a database table that calculates the profit/loss of stock trading. I want to make this cell show a green background if the number is greater than 0 and if the number is negative the background should be red.

How can I add this to my existing formula?

I tried to play around with the style but I couldn't make it work with the current "if" formula that I have.

Thank you for the help

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Use style() in your formula and choose the background color you need.

In the same formula window when you add the style you have examples for bold, italic, color, backgrounds and so on.


Uniqueton commented

Thank you for your quick reply!


polle commented

Glad to help.


Uniqueton commented

One more question,

Before I used style () in the formula, the outcome was in a number format as a currency ($25)

When I add style () to my formula, the number format diapers (25), and I cannot add it back via edit property.

Is there a way to make it happen?



polle commented

That is correct, you are removing the number format in exchange for styled text. You need to add the symbol inside the Notion formula with "$" +.

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