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Can you use keywords in a page?

I am new to Notion.

I have a database column with keywords:
cat, dog
cat, dog, mouse
mouse, parrot
parrot, dog, cat

Let's say I have more than 30 keywords.

Is there anyway to allow someone to click on or select a keyword and only display the rows related to that keyword? So if a user selects cat, they only see the rows related to cat?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Not by itself, you will need to create the navigation to work like that.

For example creating a keywords database, relate it to your main database and then select the keywords as relations.

After that when you click one of them you will go to that keyword page and you will need there a linked view of your main database, filtered for that keyword itself.

Other more simple approach can be creating simple keyword pages including your database filtered by keyword and have a main navigation pointing to that pages.


nilanjenator commented

Can you point me to 'how to create navigation'?


polle commented

Sure, create a page called "dog", inside it create a view of your database filtered to show only "dog" entries and copy the page link.

Go to your main page, write "Dog Page", select that text and paste the copied link.

Repeat with all the pages you need.

Pasting the link without selecting a text before, can also create links to your pages.

With that you can have a navigation menu to go to any of the pages you create.

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