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Notify Notion users when a task is marked as done

I have some tasks in Notion for different users, let's say user 1, user 2 and user 3.

The problem is that user 2 is only able to start the assigned tasks when user 1 finishes the previous task and user 3 can start when user 2 finishes the previous one.

Picture it like this:

1- Design Logo (user 1)
2- Add Logo to Video (user 2)
3- Upload Video to Youtube (user 3)

The idea is that when user 1 tick the first task as done, user 2 will be notified that the task from user 1 is complete and his task can be started now and once that second task is marked as done, user 3 will be notified to start with the last step.

I am using a simple Checkbox inside a Notion table to be marked as done and each task assigned to the respective user.

Any ideas?

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