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Notify Notion users when a task is marked as done

I have some tasks in Notion for different users, let's say user 1, user 2 and user 3.

The problem is that user 2 is only able to start the assigned tasks when user 1 finishes the previous task and user 3 can start when user 2 finishes the previous one.

Picture it like this:

1- Design Logo (user 1)
2- Add Logo to Video (user 2)
3- Upload Video to Youtube (user 3)

The idea is that when user 1 tick the first task as done, user 2 will be notified that the task from user 1 is complete and his task can be started now and once that second task is marked as done, user 3 will be notified to start with the last step.

I am using a simple Checkbox inside a Notion table to be marked as done and each task assigned to the respective user.

Any ideas?


sergpryimachuk commented

Good question. I have the same problem. It would be cool to have something like "notify if".

1 Answer


MarkMeinema Points260

You might want to create tasks that depend on each other.
So you could make a self-referencing property for this. That's basically a relation property that references a task in the same database. Once you have that, you could enter 1 or more tasks that depend on this one. And you could also create a formula field that is true when there are dependent tasks and false if the property is empty.

If you also want to know if the tasks this task is waiting for are finished, you could make a rollup property and calculate the percentage of dependent tasks that are finished.
So then it should be easy to filter out tasks that have a dependent tasks that are not finished.

This is not a notification, but it does provide a way to hide tasks that can't be done yet until they can be done.


nosy commented

Thank you Mark!

Still looking for the Notion notifications for users, hopefully someone shares a way.

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