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I am new to Notion but have plenty of background in traditional relational databases. I'm having a little trouble with what seems a common use case....

I'm building a wine tracking app that includes two related entities (among others), Wine and Lot. Each specific wine in my collection can be identified by a unique Producer (a relation to a Producers table), Name, and Vintage etc. E.g., Cobblestone Cabernet 2020. If I buy six bottles of this wine, I create a Lot that has a relation back to the Wine record. The Lot has a unique ID, autoincremented by Notion.

If I purchase a wine that is not yet in my table, I want to "check in" the newly received lot by entering the lot details (date acquired, price paid, number of bottles, etc.) and in the course of doing that create a corresponding Wine record.

In Notion, my Lot table has a Wine property as a bidirectional relation pointing to the Wines table. If I am entering a lot and I click on that, I'm taken to the search page for Wines; if there is no existing record I can add it on the fly - great. Perfect. But now I want to update the Lot record with a few pieces of info derived from that new Wine record. The main one is a Description that combines the key elements of the wine into an easy-to-display string ("Cobblestone Cabernet 2020"). While this is not strict best practice for a relational database application, perhaps, it's convenient, and for my purposes just fine.

So, how do I grab elements of that new Wine record, compose the string, and update the Description property in Lot? In other platforms I'd do that through an event handler (OnCommit or whatever). I don't see how to do it in Notion. Also, I'm confused as to how to commit/save the new Wine record - there is no Save/Cancel modal button. How do I close that form properly?

Thanks in advance!


zenpicker commented

Just a wee bump for this. Can anyone help? Anything I need to clarify about my use case?

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