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Scores for different events, dates and users in Notion

I need to create a small game system in Notion where I can create games by day and add scores for different players.

1- A table with 10 players.
2- A table with all days.
3- A table for games.

I need to add a scores for each game by day and by player.

The idea is that I create a new game, select a date, select the players and I end up with a "score" column for each player to add a score for that game only.

If I create a second game, I select the date and another "score" column will be available so I can add the score for each player in that second game and date.

And so on for all the games I create.

Actions: New game, select date, select players and add scores for everyone. After all days I will have a formula to have the best scores.

I already have the complete list of players (10) and the complete list of days (15).

How should I create the games table so everything work?

I related days and players to the games table so I can select a date and the persons in each new game. But how to have the score column for each people in each one of the games and different days?

Any ideas?


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