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Given: Contacts / Communications Main topic / Communications Sub-Topics

In a Contact entry, a Comm. Main Topic is created with a template, which pulls in the Contact details. However, if sub-topics are created, only the Comm. Main Topic Details are preserved. I managed to do a work-around adding two additional look-up fields to the contact, but that now has duplicate fields.

   \Comm. Topic (show's Contact parent title)
      \Comm. Sub-Topic (only shows parent Comm. Topic Title; Roll-up show's Contact title)

Another example:

   \Tasks   (relation shows project name; roll-up is blank)
   \Sub-Projects (relation shows project name; roll-up is blank) 
       \Tasks <-- can only see sub-project property; want to see the parent project properties  (relation is blank; roll-up shows project name)

The issue is that I have one relation and one roll-up both showing the same info, where relation shows one level down, roll-up is blank; two levels down (sub-...), relation is blank and roll-up shows.

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