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Hi, i dont know, how to make progress bar. I have 2 databases, one with subjects for exam, under that database i have second database with questions, where i select subject as Select tag, and status, where can i select, how good i know the question. I want to make progress bar in first database, that show, how many questions from each subject i have as Status To-do/ In Progress/ Complete in second database. I have relation, where i linked all questions to one subject and in second database i have linked all subjects to each question, that they belong to. Now i dont know, how to make the progress bar, I want to have 3 columns with progress bars in first database, that will show me, how many % of questions i have as To-do/ In progress/ Complete as status in second database. To-do/In progress/Complete together is 100% of questions, how can i do that?

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