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What is a formula to change the status using a checkbox?

Autofill checkboxes in Notion

The Youtube link above gives a formula to change the checkbox property field based on select property field "Status" to be checked or unchecked. But what if you want the "Status" (select property field) to change based on your checkbox? I need a formula to change the status based on whether the checkbox is checked not based on what the status (in select property field is).

For example in a task database I may have a task with a checkbox that says Completed if I check the box I want the status to automatically go to Done is that possible or am I just stuck to the filtered view of the data?

Or a Reading List Status!

3 Answers


shapeyourbiz Points160

Unfortunately there is no formula for this. Formulas can only edit the field that it is created in, so you could check a box from a status update (or any value in any field) but not in reverse. The only way to make that happen is to use the API or a tool like and filter out when a table record is edited and the box is checked then update status.


qt_aus Points290

Unfortunately, it seems that when you reference a checkbox property, the formulas can only provide a checkbox response. For example:

if(prop("CheckBox") == true, false, true) == true

Will reference the original checkbox field and inverse it into a new checkbox that is of the opposite state.

Perhaps this is something that can be added to the Notion feature requests list? The only way to do that, in true Notion style is to the team directly through the in-app chat, on Twitter, or via email.


mannieg Points230

Zapier, or similar program can do this easily..

setup: Add ID field to notion.. Formula\row_ID

Trigger: Notion: When database item is changed, then;
Action: Notion: lookup record (ROw_ID), 
modify field = status = done
checkbox = false //totally optional if you want to uncheck the checkbox..

1. make sure you have entered selection for the status field in your notion db

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