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I have this formula:

round((100 * (((toNumber(prop("Rendered"))) + (toNumber(prop("Approved")))) + (toNumber(prop("Ordered"))))) / 3) / 100

Rendered, Approved, and Ordered are checkbox columns and as I check them off this formula shows a progress bar.

I want to add two more checkmark columns "Delivered" & "Installed" and replace 3 with 5 but every time I try to add them the formula does not work and I think it's because of the brackets. I'm confused about which brackets or parentheses belong to what.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Using the structure as you have it, try this formula.

(toNumber(prop("Rendered")) + toNumber(prop("Approved")) + toNumber(prop("Ordered")) + toNumber(prop("Delivered")) + toNumber(prop("Installed"))) / 5

And then just edit your Formula property and select percent.

That will work as you need and will let you add or remove new properties without any problems.

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