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Time Tracker with billable hours and rate calculation

I am new to using Notion.
I want to build a timesheet template to log and track my work hours and billing rate such that i can calculate my earnings based on the tracker.
I don't need to track clock-in/clock-out. But simply how much regular/over-time hours per day
I want to track for multiple clients/projects
I have built a form that looks like this (screenshot below)

This is where I need help:- I am not sure how to create a relational database such that i can perform calculations using the data captured through this form


I was thinking of this database structure to capture the master data that will be used for calculation but i am not sure if Notion databases work like normal relational databases.

Example, Once i setup this database with the client, project, billing rate and over time rate per hour, then i would like in the form to capture hours, i should be able to associate each table entry to a client-project and track the hours to that specific client-project such that I can later calculate the earnings per month or per year


Your help is much appreciated

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