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Weekly progress calculation ?

I have this Notion Habit tracker which contain day progress in percentage! similarly i'm looking for weekly progress by number.
the code for day progress is below

round(100 * (toNumber(replace(prop("Habit 1"), "true", "1")) + toNumber(replace(prop("Habit 2"), "true", "1")) + toNumber(replace(prop("Habit 3"), "true", "1")) + toNumber(replace(prop("Habit 4"), "true", "1")) + toNumber(replace(prop("habit 5"), "true", "1"))) / 5) / 100

Above code will give us the percentage divided by total habits(5)
my ideal output is when i completed habit 1 5times in a week the weekly progress should show habit1 : 5
any help would be appreciated thank in advance

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