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Why the Downgrade button is grey


I started using Notion since four days ago. I accidentally clicked the Team trial and I am facing the limitation of 1000 blocks right now. When I try to downgrade, the downgrade button is grey to me. Even the Upgrade option for Personal Pro is grey. Is there anything I can do to switch back to Personal Free tier?

Thank you in advance!

1 Answer


polle Points79930

In the left navigation go to Settings & Members and select Upgrade from the list.

You should see "Downgrade" under the Free plan.

If that is greyed out, try to logout and login again.

Hope that helps.


Julian commented

Is there a way to attach a snapshot from my computer to this thread?


Julian commented

That's where I saw the grey "Downgrade" for Personal and grey "Upgrade" for Personal Pro


Julian commented

How long is the trial period by default?


polle commented

Are you doing it in the Desktop application, Mobile App or Browser?

Try the downgrade in the Notion Desktop App.

You can attach an image from any web service clicking the little pic icon and pasting the URL.

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