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Notion sharing permission for different users in the same database

I have a Notion tasks database I use for all my projects and I filter it by project to only see tasks related to each project.

Sometimes I need to share those projects with other people and I need that the Tasks View included in the project page is visible to them and that they only see the tasks for that project and not the complete database.

How do I need to share pages in Notion to make this work?


wbdigital commented

Same issue here

But it does't seem possible, but i was thinking. If you make a database per cliënt than that part seems to be solved.

But is it possible to add multiple databases (those of each client) in one tableview?

Because that's basically the main reason I choose the current setup. To have all my tasks (regardless of which cliënt) in one overview.

Any clue?

2 Answers


polle Points79930

To avoid repeating my answer for this Notion problem and as it is exactly the same scenario as @wbdigital has, please see the answer I left in his question.


nosy commented

Thank you for sharing this, hopefully Notion adds this sharing options to databases.


SamanthaPS Points620

You'll need to modify the share permissions on each individual task. When you open the database item that you want to share with someone and click the Share option on the top right, invite individuals to pages you want them to see. Or if your full database is shared to the web to make it fully visible, go into each database item you DON'T want public and toggle off the Share to Web button.


nosy commented

Thank you, but editing 1980 Tasks one by one as suggested is not a way to go.

I have 1 Task database.
I have 1980 Tasks.
I have 1 Clients database.
I have 20 Clients.

This Notion databases are related.

For that I have 20 Notion pages, one per client and each page shows just the Tasks for each client.

I need to share (NOT web public, I add them to the page) the client page with the client itself, so they can see their tasks, but not the complete Tasks list with 1980 tasks for all clients if they click the tasks database.

The idea is simple, I filter the tasks per client and the client will only see that, nothing else, not when clicking the navigation or breadcrumbs or going to the database.


SamanthaPS commented

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to do that. As far as I have been able to find, unless you modify each entry individually, the whole database shares one level of permissions and the filters don't stop someone from modifying them and seeing other items. I am eagerly awaiting an update on this as well. I know that's not a very feasible solution for that many tasks :(

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