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Notion formula for rollups return false when it is true

I have a Notion table with some properties and I need a formula to watch 5 properties (rollups) to determine if they are equal to something.

if(prop("My Property") == "Random", "It is", "It is not")

But I get "It is not", even when the value it is actually "Random" in my property. It is a rollup property and I don't know what the problem is.

Any ideas how to make this Notion formula work?


2 Answers


avidnotionuser Points1430

I would look at what is the property field type for "My Property"
For example: if(prop("Status") == "Random", "It is", "It is not")
I had Status be a select property type.

if(prop("Property 2") == "Self-Care", "It is", "It is not")
"Property 2" was the rollup property and the "Self-Care" was a select property from the relational database (roll-up).


nosy commented

It is not clear what are you suggesting here.

1- I have a Rollup and it is "My Property".
2- That rollup says: "Random".
3- The formula says false when it is true.

That is the problem. I am not looking to use select instead of the rollup. I am looking to make things work as I have them.

Thanks for the help.


Brendag4 Points140

Do this

if(prop("My Property") == "Random", "It is", prop("My Property")

This way it will show you what is in the property if it is not Random. It could give you a better idea of what is going on.

If it says "Random"... I would create a new entry for Random. I would put the formula in a plain text editor. Copy and paste it into the formula. Make sure the cursor is all the way to the left. The reason for these suggestions is because sometimes you will get invisible characters. Putting the formula into a plain text editor and pasting it back in gets rid of the invisible characters

The reason the person


nosy commented

That is almost the same as I have, the problem is that it is showing as false when it is not as I mentioned in the question.


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