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Help formatting tables in Notion using iPad!!!

I’m using notion on my iPad pro, but I can neither rearrange columns nor change the column width. What’s the problem?

2 Answers


polle Points79930

This can get better in future updates, but for arranging and creating columns, I believe Desktop is the way to go.

Also in case it helps, you may missed the following from Notion News:

October 15, 2020

Using Notion on iPad just got a lot easier! If you use an external keyboard, trackpad or mouse with your iPad, you can now:

  1. Use all the same time-saving keyboard shortcuts from our desktop apps
  2. Select multiple blocks of content at once
  3. Click & drag to rearrange content blocks, or selections of multiple content blocks

Coming later: making it possible to select multiple content blocks on mobile without a mouse or trackpad. We're on the case!


nosy commented

Thank you, Good to know it is coming. :)


Saritanotion Points1020

Get a Bluetooth mouse and you will save yourself a whole lot of stress if you plan to use your iPad often.

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