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Text formatting in the tables

Can texts in the table be formatted? I want to transform some titles into bold text, can someone help me, please?


Bogghi commented

do you mean the text in the table title or the content of a row?


evanwolf commented

The content of a cell/row. Both programmatically (so some content can be bolded or colored if certain conditions are met) and in writing (so that some text can be emphasized, like a book title.


nosy commented

Yes, the content of a cell.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

Text formatting is not available in the Notion App tables, but you can generate bold text with something like this and paste it into your table.

The font size can’t be changed, it seems to be smaller than the official font, but it helps having something different and stands out a bit.

Hope that helps.


nosy commented

Thank you, that can work.

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