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I want to create a simple formula in column D that is based on the value in column C. If the value in column C is 0 or below 0, column D should return a green circle, if the value is below 0, it should return a red circle. May anybody help me out?

1 Answer


LamboNr5 Points910

Hi, you propably mean it it's higher than 0, it should be red. If so, here's my solution. Here's the Template:

You can copy it into your Notion :)

Make sure that Column C is number Format.

The Formular is

if(prop("C") <= 0, "Large Green Circle", if(prop("C") > 0, "Large Red Circle", ""))

Get the circles here:


ecopsorn commented

Thank you so much. This worked flawlessly. I even put in another if statement so I can distinguish between the 0 and the <= zero positions. The <= zero positions are the ones I bought more than my initial plan.


LamboNr5 commented

Glad I could help. If you want more Notion content/help, feel free to add me on LinkedIn (Code: Green Circle ;) ->

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