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How to Portfolio mngmt with Relations/Rollups?

Hi all
I'm trying to build a Notion crypto portfolio tracker and I'm running into troubles with displaying the percentage of my holdings.
I know the way to do it is with relations/rollups since Notion cannot base calculations on the "sum" fields underneath tables.

I have left some random stuff in my list and shared it as a template.

May anybody help me out how to achieve it?

I think my main problem is the link between Portfolio and Purchase History (see notion template, link above). I thought it's best to just have a relation between the ticker and to roll up the invest sum into the main portfolio (which is working fine). But in order to create percentages of my whole portfolio, I was trying to get the total going, unfortunately I'm only able to get it to work with a native column of the "Portfolio" table (such as "Planned Invest"). I cannot use the desired already rolled up column "SUM (Invest)" because it belongs to the "Purchase History".
If I try another approach and set a relation with "Purchase History" I'd need to select all transactions manually, which is definitely wrong and would have to be updated for each new transaction.

I'd appreciate somebody explaining what I'm doing wrong or directly try it in my open template.

Thanks in advance.


polle commented

The Notion link is not public, please share it again to have a look.


ecopsorn commented

thanks polle, yes sry the template link isn't working anymore.
I found out a way to do it, no need for help anymore


polle commented

Please share the solution in an answer, select it to mark it as solved and help others with a similar Notion problem.

1 Answer


ecopsorn Points300

I'm working on a template where I can show the implementation, unfortunately I lost time and drive to finish it due to other new issues I encountered within the template.

But to keep it short, what I did is to create relations to the total amount of coins/crypto and then I was able to calculate the percentage.
The formula likely doesn't make sense to anyone but I drop it for reference.

round(100 / prop("Total Crypto (Live)") prop("Total Now ") 100) / 10000

If anybody is stumbling over this thread in the future, drop me a PN, I might have finished the template until than :)

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