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I created a database where:

  • 1st column keeps role names we have in our organisation
  • 2nd column keeps information about seniority (select)
  • 3rd column keeps information about sourcing (select)
  • 4th column keeps avg salary (number)
Analyst    | Senior    | Internal  | 200
Analyst    | Senior    | Outsource | 100   

This is a database with restricted access.

Now, I would like others to have possibility to get data about salaries, based on parameters they will specify in the other table.
The solution I have on mind is a table with:

  • 1st column with a role name
  • 2st column with seniority selection
  • 3nd column with sourcing

Expected result: When three columns are populated then database is queried to get avg salary that matches all those params.

Idea I had on mind:
in the database, described role names with a naming convention:


then concatenate 3 columns from the table and get the match from the databaseby using a formula (extra column) in the table. However I haven't found any formula that will query external database.

Did anyone build a similar thing? How did you manage to pull out the value that meets certain condition(s)? At the end, this is a question of specifing a dynamic rollup (matching conditions) based on a relation with the database. The rollups I came across are static. I'm more after getting the value dynamically.


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