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I have data coming into my CRM database using Tally forms. In this database I have first and last name, email, business name and business website. I have another database called People with the same fields (properties). How do I automate the adding of inputs of new contacts in the CRM database to the People database?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

Unless there is a good reason to have two databases with exactly the same information, which is not usual, use the original database as a linked database in any page you need and create any view you need.

The original database should be the People database, makes sense?

For copying the complete information over and over from one database to another one, you will need an extra tool like Zapier or Integromat to sync the databases.


mattybme commented

Thanks for the info. That was what I suspected that I would need something like or Zapier to keep the databases in sync. People database is both new CRM contacts and other friends, family and acquaintances that are related to other databases like Points of Interests, Cities, Countries etc.


polle commented

There is no need for 2 different databases to accomplish that. Just add a new column for contact category so you can filter and sort them as needed.

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