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How to remove Notion's scrollbar?

Is there any possibility to remove those scrollbars in notion? They look so bad, especially in dark mode. Is there a way to remove them or make them a little bit more good looking?


sedbed commented

Hi @nosy, can you share a sample page? May be possible to alter the scrollbars using UserScripts


nosy commented

If you create for example a table with only 2 columns, there is a scrollbar all the time there. I understand that if there are 50 columns and more content a scroll appears, but not for 2 columns.

I was asking for native, as installing extensions, scripts and all those options are starting to bloat things and I also use Desktop app.


2 Answers


sedbed Points2820

Thanks @nosy for expanding on the question. As you are using the app, I don't see a way to address. That said, Notion has acknowledged they need to improve the scrollbar situation in Dark mode -
Fingers crossed!


nosy commented

Thank you for the information!


avidnotionuser Points1430

Limit the amount of properties you see in any given database view to get rid of the scroll bar as it relates to the database. Also if you lock the page the databases are on you have a neater presentation of the data. Resizing the database on the page can also do the trick.

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