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When creating a progress bar formula, not displaying icons

Given the following formula,

format(slice("XXXXXXXXXX", 0, floor(prop("Follow-Up Completed?") * 10)) + format(slice("XXXXXXXXXX", 0, ceil(10 - prop("Follow-Up Completed?") * 10))))

Where "X" is a green round circle icon (windows+; or other Notion icons)
In displaying, the fifth seventh characters are the diamond with a question mark "<?>" with no other characters displaying.

Scroll bar seems to truncate and not work. Adding spaces throughout the beginning of the characters gives me one extra character in the display, but this is not optimal. Is this possible or are we stuck with black/white text/ascii only characters?

1 Answer


polle Points78500

Hard to tell without seeing the complete example in Notion, but I see that you are using floor and ceil, which may be causing the problem.

Try using "round" instead.


notion0x1 commented

To replicate, replace the X's with icons, say a circle and use a numeric value or % value for prop("Follow-Up Completed?") .

See if you get the same issue (if you'd like to try), please?


polle commented

What is the formula supposed to do?
If you add 0.74 to Follow-Up Completed? then show 7 icons?

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