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How to track which meeting an Action Item was created in.

I am leveraging a Master Task Database to be my single view for all Action Items that result from Meetings.

I would like to be able to pivot back to the Meeting from which the Action Item was created, however when I click "Open" on the task from the Master Database, I'm presented with a task-specific page, vs the page from which the task was created.

Master DB Task list

Meeting Template links to Master DB Task List

New Tasks are created during meetings. How can I pivot back from the master task list?

1 Answer


polle Points79460

You need to relate the databases. Once you have that, the meetings will have all related tasks and the tasks will have to which meeting they belong.

In your master database you need to show the meeting property and then just click the related Meeting instead of the task to open the meeting and all the tasks associated to it.

Click open task = Task page
Click on related Meeting = Opens Meeting page. (with related tasks)

Hope that helps.


soggy commented

Ok that helps! I got part of it working, but I'm still a little bit stuck.

I now have my Master Task List w/ a Relation -> Meetings DB.

When I create a new Meeting, and then subsequently add a task, that task automagically shows up in the Master Task list (Desired). However, the relation does not seem to autopopulate which meeting it came from.

Does an existing template exist for something like this? I'm brand new and starting from scratch, so I don't mind leveraging something else that already works.



polle commented

Yes, it exists. You need to filter the tasks by "Meeting" in the meeting page. You can do this with a self referential template directly in your meeting page.

That way when you create a task in the master database, you will have to select the meeting it belongs to, but if you are in the meeting page itself (with tasks below), the created tasks will automatically be associated with that meeting.

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