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How to turn text into a task

I am Primarily using the standard tasks database from notion. I create a task about a topic and take notes on that topic during related meetings. I would like to be able to have a command that I could use to turn a simple line item task in my notes into a task that automatically gets added to my master task list.

Example: I am in a task page taking notes about questions I have about notion and I write the notes in quotations below. In the 3rd and 4th line I write 2 follow up tasks, but as it stands today I would have to manually go and create 2 new tasks in my master tasks database. Is there some function where I can turn these line items into tasks that will automatically be created in my master tasks database?

"- how do I turn a line item within the text notes of a task page into a task itself?

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1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points860

Just hover over your "line item" and click on the 6 Dots that show up to the left of the line item.
Then select "Move to" and find your master tasks table.

In Notion, every BLOCK can be converted into something else.

Your "line items" are each a block and they can be "moved to" any table to turn them into an entry in that table.

You can also drag-n-drop them into a table if it's an inline table so you can see your notes and table on the same page.


asd91 commented

Thanks for the response! I actually figured that out a little while after posting this question. Which it has been very helpful, but it still is a manual effort to execute this function and it also makes my notes from meetings disjointed since I am removing line items. What I am hoping for would be like any BLOCK that I start with "/task" would just automatically replicate the text as a task in my master list. Any thoughts?


ShaneRobinson commented

No.... Absolutely nothing like this is possible in Notion.
But if you're clicking on those 6 dots to the left of a block you've seen the "Duplicate" option, yes?
Just duplicate it and then "Move" the dupe to the Tasks table.

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