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how to retrieve offline notes

i typed some notes on Notion offline yesterday
i could view them today, then notion asked me to sign in, so i did, but then I can't find the notes i made yesterday
is there a way to retrieve those notes?thanks

2 Answers


polle Points79930

I seems that you opened Notion (offline), added the notes, then logged out and closed Notion.

There was no time for Notion to upload your content and that is why when you logged in again, there was nothing there.

For using Notion offline (a thing that does not exist and it is not supported yet), you have to keep your session active and Notion opened until you go online again. That way Notion can upload the data and only after that you can logout or close.


Rollingcabbage commented

thanks for the reply.

i did check a couple of times while offline yesterday and can see the notes. when i was wifi connected, before login i could still see the notes. so weired.


polle commented

Maybe as soon as the connection was online, Notion asked you to login and you had like a really quick preview of what was on screen before the login screen came up, but there was no time to upload the things before that. Hopefully offline support comes this year.


Saritanotion Points1020

i believe there Is a chromee extension for quick notes now and it runs offline…

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