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i know notion is not offline, but they say, notion cache file for offline viewing, where does it cahce file. what is exact location of cache files, in programfile/notion/?? ot appdata/roaming/notion/??.. where are cache files saved?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

In the Notion native apps, Notion cache all records you access locally in an LRU (least recently used) cache on top of SQLite or IndexedDB called RecordCache. When you change records on a native app, they also update the local copies in RecordCache.

The editor re-renders to draw the newly created block onto your screen. This happens within a few milliseconds of your keypress.

At the same time, the transaction is saved into TransactionQueue, the part of the client responsible for sending all transactions to Notion’s servers so your data is persisted and shared with collaborators. TransactionQueue stores transactions safely in IndexedDB or SQLite (depending on platform) until they’re persisted by the server or rejected.

You can read more information about this in the Notion Blog.

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