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Nested If Formula?

Hi, I am not sure what type of formula I need, perhaps a nested If formula?

Here's what I am trying to do:

I have a column called "Risk" which is a single-select field with five text options.

I have another column called "Impact" which is also a single-select field with five text options.

I want to have a third column with a formula that will give me different text/emoji results depending on the 25 possible combinations of selections in the "Risk" and "Impact" columns.
EXAMPLE: If Risk = "Very Unlikely" and "Impact" = "High; the result would be "Medium".

And... there are 24 other combinations, some which share the same result.

Is this too complicated for Notion, I am reading various things about limitations of If functions.

I REALLY appreciate all guidance on this question!!! Thanks so much. (Big hug!)


polle commented

And why did you remove it? Please add the question again and if you have another one, open a different and new question.

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