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Formula to show the latest date assigned.

Hey guys,

I wanted to have a property that essentially said what the most recent date was for something that was ticked as scheduled. For instance, I have a checkbox that says "scheduled" and if that is checked then it would sort all of those by a different date known as "schedule date" and display the most recent date.

So here's an example hopefully can explain it well:

(Name) Post 1, (Schedule Date) September 1, (Scheduled?) Checked Yes.
(Name) Post 2, (Schedule Date) September 4, (Scheduled?) Checked Yes.
(Name) Post 3, (Schedule Date) September 7, (Scheduled?) Checked No.

So the property would say September 4. Is there a way to make that happen?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

You can count the days from the Schedule Date to now with a Notion formula and then sort the posts order using that result.

For example:

if(prop("Scheduled?") == true, dateBetween(now(), prop("Schedule Date"), "days"), 999)

That will show you in case Scheduled? is checked, the number of days between the Schedule Date and now, otherwise it will show 999. Now simply sort the database based on that number and you will always have at the top the one closer to today.

Hope that helps.


nathanramli commented

Hey thanks for the response,

So this will how how many days until it's been since something was scheduled, but it won't show the date of the most recent day scheduled right?


polle commented

Correct, checkboxes in Notion don't have a date, so you have to use the date itself.

Other option is to use the last edited property, but again, it is any last edited column, not a checkbox only.

Using checkboxes to determine a date it is not possible, unless you use the Notion API with an external service like Make or Zapier to check for the last edited checkbox to then do something else.


nathanramli commented

I see. I'm trying to have the checkboxes be a part of an if function. However, I do have a different property that essentially spits out a date. So I have X scheduled for October 14, 2022 and Y scheduled for October 15, 2022, the function would spit out the farthest forward date, which would be Oct 15. Now there will be certain times where I'll have Z on October 16, 2022, but that one hasn't been scheduled yet (so no ticked checkbox) and so the function should still spit out Oct 15.

Hopefully that explains a bit more in depth what I'm trying to do. If not, is there a function that just spits out the furthest forward date in a property?


polle commented

Try the Notion formula I shared, it does exactly that and based on the checkbox as you need.

You can have 2 views for example.

1- Not Scheduled: Where you see all unchecked items.
2- Scheduled: where you see all checked items and sorted by closer date.

Otherwise you will need an external tool as mentioned above.


nathanramli commented

Hmm so what it's giving me is just the number of days since it's been scheduled. What I want is for it to spit out that date and to basically just say one date across every entry.

Right now it's giving me essentially like -6 if today is Oct 19 and the scheduled post was for Oct 13. I'd like it to say Oct 13, but if I had another post scheduled for October 15, it would automatically say October 15th.


polle commented

I am not understanding the logic behind this, please share some more details.

If you schedule things with a due date for this week and then some for the next year, you want to see the ones for the next year because those were scheduled after the ones you actually have to do this week.

Is that correct?
Why show next year posts if you have pending ones this week?

The formula I shared combined with sorting as mentioned above, shows you at the top the next thing you need to do based on a date, so you can see what is upcoming.

It shows Oct 13 at the top as you want, it is the date property, there is no need to show it again in another column, that is done automatically with the sorting moving at the top the closest one to today.

Keep in mind formulas work per row, so you are only able to calculate things in that row, that is why the counting and sorting is important.

You can extend more things, like adding a filter to hide items with a minus, but again, if you miss a date that is no longer important?

Also a checkbox for done can be added and also hide that from the view.

Having multiple views is an option as well, to have different parameters for each one of them.

Please try to explain the logic behind what you are trying to do, to understand and try to share a better approach for that.

If nothing matters and you just want to see the latest scheduled, create a new view just for scheduled, add a column and choose created date or modified date, filter it by date creation or modification and sort it that way as well.

In that scheduled view you will see things as you need without any formula or logic behind it, just latest scheduled at top.


nathanramli commented

Hey so I'll try to share the whole process. So I'm a social media manager, I have several posts scheduled out per week/month, but I have to wait for my graphics team and my video editors to make/fix up the content to post. So I create work orders for my editors and they tick a separate box "Done?" (May or may not be relevant to the situation).

Let's say I look on my notion today October 20th and have videos scheduled until the 23rd. I'll schedule the post on creator studio and tick off a box saying "Scheduled?" So that's ticked off.

But I put up more work orders for my editor up on there to make some more videos for the 25th, 27th, etc. So there are more work orders up for the editor, but I want to see what the latest day I scheduled posts up to (which is shown by scheduled? and the date that is there. So is there a way to show that date? I want it to see if "Scheduled? is checked then spit out the latest date that any of the work orders are "Scheduled?"

Does this clear it up by chance?


polle commented

Then you can use different views filtered by your needs, here is an example.

Graphics Team:
Show only items where "scheduled" is checked, the files & media property is empty and "Finished graphics checkbox" is unchecked.

Editors Team:
Show only scheduled items where "Finished graphics checkbox" is checked and files & media property is not empty.

Schedule Team:
Show only items that "Scheduled" is not checked.

And so on.

You can create as many views as needed with as many filters you need to see exclusively the things needed for that view.

This combined with sorting will show also ascending, descending, by date, etc...

At the end you will have 5 views to go directly and see what it is needed, by you or by your team.

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